Monday, September 17, 2012

Miracula Simonis de Montfort

Domina comitissa Gloverniae habuit palefridum asmaticum gall' porsif' duos annos. In redeundo ab Evesham versus Theukesbury, cabello hausto de fonte Comitis, et caput et facies lota, in presencia dictae, convaluit. Et, dinario plicato, in testimonio sanitatis et miraculi, iterum misit armigerum suum Evesham. Hujus rei testes praedicta comitissa, cum tota familia sua.

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  1. When the Countess of Gloucester's asthmatic palfrey drinks from the miraculous spring that came up on the spot where Simon died, the horse, which had been sick for two years, is miraculously cured. In acknowledgement of the miracle, the Countess gives alms to the monastery in the town.(Since it was the Earl of Gloucester, her husband, who led the revolt against Simon that brought his defeat and death,one may imagine the family argument that followed.)